12 Days Of Christmas (ver 2.0)

(Sorry, we had a slight server collapse, and when they restored the files, we lost the original Days of Christmas.  So this is as best as I can remember.)

Jordan had a brilliant idea – Starting Friday December 11th, there are 12 more shopping days in the Fort Worth Artful Bead store until Christmas!  12 days (OK, 14 on Carrollton, but we’re pretending not to notice that) of special sales!

And we decided to be spontaneous, and just decide each morning what will be on sale that day.   It might be stones 25% off.  It might be seed beads.  It might be 40% off one item!  Who knows?  And because we’re slightly disorganized, we aren’t plotting this all out in advance, and we’re not doing the same thing in both stores. 

Fort Worth isn’t telling ANYBODY what the sale of the day is unless they come in.  (I was called a weakling, a woosie, and a weenie for saying I would post it here from 9 to noon each day for Carrollton.  And then the server died…  Hm.  This is starting to smell like a Conspiracy!!!)  Sorry, back to the Main Message.

So come on in and see us, find out what the sale is, and have a great time!

(I’m sure the original post was better, but I never make backups or notes.)

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