Happy Halloween and Treat Yourself!

We hope everybody has a great time Saturday night, with all the tricks and free candy and the chance to wear outlandish outfits.

And the best treat of all? Those fabulous pretties in Fort Worth on Sunday afternoon. I tried to get a picture of it, but it just didn’t really work. There is just too much of it to fit into a single shot.

So don’t be scared, there are plenty of new strands to go around! We’ll see you Sunday at 1:00!!

3 comments on “Happy Halloween and Treat Yourself!

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    For those of us that are “football widows” and yet are also football prisoners (aka let’s sit here as a family and be forced to, err, I mean, watch the game together) I am just dieing to know if there are any good beads left over there in Cowtown? I sure hope so- and thank heavens his team did win Sunday 🙂

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    Ok now that Halloween is far over, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and of course my favorite…it’s already Christmas at Walmart! I’ve just got to know from you guys….. when will your next posting be? And, would you think I’m too wierd if I come to the store wearing my leftover Halloween costume? I really am already missing it so 🙂

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    to the tune of “jingle bells:

    Beading fans, beading fans, we all love your store
    Coming to the Artful Bead all makes us want some more, oh!
    Earthy beads, lots-o-bling, it all calls my name
    Half the fun is seeing that things never stay the same 🙂

    * The last line meaning, of course that I am always excited that there’s constantly new things that are interesting in the store.


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