Stone, Stone, and More Stone

Mark your calendars, set your alarm clocks, write on the refrigerator, turn on whatever reminders you have and tie strings around your fingers.  You won’t want to miss this, really-really-really.  On Sunday, November 1st (yes, the day after Halloween), from 1:00pm till 5:00pm, The Artful Bead in Fort Worth is having a special Sunday Treasure Hunt Sale. 

You may have heard whispers the last few weeks about  The New Stone.  Little murmurs,  spoken with averted eyes.  We’ve talked very quietly about “the vast gy-normous huge honkin’ ton of stone that Mary bought.  In Mary’s OWN words, she says: 

OK, I admit I went a bit overboard this time with the buying thing. But I couldn’t help it. There were ELEVEN big boxes of beads – not just any beads, mind you. These were peridots, citrines, tourmalines, rutilated quartz, smoky and lemon quartz, carnelian, chalcedony in blues and greens, some of the best honkin’ labradorite I’ve seen in a long time, moonstones, garnets…well, you get the picture. 
But there was a catch – I had to buy it all. The clock was ticking. So I caved. I bought the lot. I HAD to.”

So come look for your own special treasure among the fabulous bargains in Fort Worth on November 1st, and then the show moves to Carrollton on November 8th.  

3 comments on “Stone, Stone, and More Stone

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    Mary I just love ya’! And, gosh darn it, I am glad you got all those pretties for us to drool, er I mean fight, er I mean, for us to be able to get from your store. Pardon the pun, but you do really ROCK! And, by the way, I think rocks are the new cool, don’t all of you guys?


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