Do you want one of our Birthday Beadaplooza t-shirts?

We have two of our Artful Bead Birthday Beadaplooza t-shirts saved from our big First Birthday celebration.  We have decided to award them to the two people who write the best “I deserve this t-shirt because”  paragraphs in the comments.  You have one week – we will announce the winners next Saturday. 

Make it funny, we’re still a bit tired from all the Birthday Celebrations, and we could use a good laugh. 


PS:  Mary had one of those “Oops” moments at Market last week.  You know, one of those “How many pounds of stuff can I put in the car  before the suspension breaks?” spells we get sometimes when confronted with truly amazing beads at great prices.  As in “lost her teensy mind and where will we put all this stuff?” followed by “HOW MANY BOXES???  Of WHAT???”  “AAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!”

So next week, we’ll have some new chalcedony, labradorite, moonstone, tourmalines, and other wonderfulness.

6 comments on “Do you want one of our Birthday Beadaplooza t-shirts?

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    I would like to say that I would love a Beadapalooza shirt for many reasons 🙂
    First, I have come to terms with the fact that I am, indeed, a beadaholic and there is simply no stopping me from my crafting fun!
    Secondly, I have begun spreading the virus on to others. Family members, friends, sometimes strangers even ask me about the creations that I make. I have gotten at least two family members ( a niece and my nine year old daughter) in on the bead wagon. I am not jealous, by the way, that my nine year old has a better eye for what goes together than I do sometimes 🙂
    And lastly, I would wear my bead shirt with great Bead Pride !!! I just love your store and all of the wonderful people who work there!

    And even if my essay, which was written in true paragraph essay format, does not please you enough to award me with a shirt, I’ll still come to your store again and again anyways!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    Oh, Oh, Oh I almost forgot to ask… will the beeeewtiful bead palooza shirt be bedazling with beads? If I win, may I be so bold as to request that my shirt be “bling” like? That would be super fabulous!!! 🙂

  • Actually, they are the black with Traffic Green (that’s what was written on the order form, really) lettering on them that you see Carol and Michell wearing in the Birthday Party Pix. TThey say Birthday Beadaplooza on the front and our logo and addresses on the back.

    And you did write us a very nice essay, Beth! Thanks bunches!!!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    Luv it, LUV IT! Carol and Michell look so tremendously fab bead chiche – I strive to be just like them 🙂

  • Wow! I missed it? I was just there on Sunday and nobody said a thing. Must have been all partied out! Hahahahaha It was my first time to your store. I loved it. I will definitly be bak soon! Congratulations!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    I would like to take a brief moment to thank the academy for this prestigious award 🙂

    No, really, I AM excited about the shirt and will be in the fw store Tuesday afternoon to see you all.

    Happy Weekend to All! The circus is in town, after all. We enjoyed it very much today and I always love to admire the intricate beading on all the great costumes!


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