Fun and Games!

We’ve started playing a game here at the Carrollton Artful Bead.  It’s called “Torture the Solicitors,” and we play it whenever we get a phone solicitor call.

We get a LOT of phone solicitor calls.  We’ve asked them nicely to remove our number from the list, told them that we’re a retail store, we don’t need Dish network or auto warranties or a wonderful deal on internet service.  Still they call – 5 or more a day.

So here are the rules:  String them along as long as possible.  Be nice, be dithery, be very interested.  Extra points are awarded for style, duration over 15 minutes, and getting to a supervisor. 

After it gets boring, or we really do have work to do, we say “You know, we are NEVER going through with this, but every time you call, we’re going to waste your time, just like today.  Remove this number from your list, don’t call back.  This is a game that you can’t win, but we can’t loose.”

I figure wasting 20 minutes of some commission sales person’s time a couple of times will get our number removed, especially if we can get to a “supervisor” (yes, I know that they just take turns being supervisor of the day.)  And if not, at least it’s funny for awhile.   Maybe not to them, but we don’t like them anyway.

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