Real Pattern Beadweaving

If you’ve seen the brown peyote bracelet with gold spirals that we have at the Carrollton store, you’ve seen one example of Eleonore Pieper’s skill.  We recently found her again, and she sent us a link to her beadwork gallery – .

Chickens – this is AMAZING!!!  Go ahead and look, we won’t wait around for you (we’ll be here later, promise).  I warn you, though, I had to put my head between my knees a couple of times, there are several designs in here that make me woozy.  Luna Moths?  aaaaahhhhh – too wondiferous for words!!!!!  Old Tapestry – knees get weak!  I can’t look at them now, I MUST finish this.

Anyway, we are working on getting some of Eleonore’s patterns for sale in the store.  We’ll let you know when we have them.  And we might see if we can get some of her newer patterns too. 

The Gecko bracelet!!  I NEED that!!!

My Gecko by =Ellygator on deviantART

5 comments on “Real Pattern Beadweaving

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    Holy Cow! I have never seen anything like those pics- what detail! Those bracelets are works of art 🙂

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    And now for the real questions:

    1. Have you guys gotten any updates on Squeakers the kitty cat?

    2. Did the cute puppy that was in the store find a home yet?

    So for those of you that are keeping score, not only can you get beads in the store, but also bead assistance, bead counseling, chocolate and occasionally furry fun 🙂 You guys are all so wonderful, seriously!

  • I talked to Squeaker’s Human Rob last week, Squeaker still squeaks, and is turning into a very LARGE cat. He is still completely fearless, but so far hasn’t hurt himself jumping from high places to low ones without any intermediate steps.

    I’m waiting on pictures of the Very Cute Puppy, known for now as Wilson, when I get them we’ll post them. Mary is looking for a home for him, because she thinks that having 3 dogs makes you a crazy-dog-lady. I tried to convince her that it takes 8 dogs to reach that level. Maybe 9, if some of them are small.

  • Very Cute Puppy was claimed by the person who had lost him, it turns out. He and several friends had escaped from a yard, and were lost for several days.

    So, no pictures. Dangit.

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    That is wonderful that VCP found his way home, so to speak. So all is well again in puppy world 🙂

    Now we can all yet again focus on the other important matters at hand like beading! Yet I bead here with puppy and kitty surrounding me like book ends.


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