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  • anjie roberts says:

    i found your store in my first google search, i typed in {craft stores, fort worth texas} as i am new to the fort worth area and even though beading is my primary passion i have other crafts i enjoy too. so thats how i found you. you were in the top 10 with the map for the search i did. right up there with michaels, hobby lobby, and joann fabrics. ill be visiting your store soon. hope this info helps.

  • I love your store. Each time I enter, I feel like a little girl in a candy store. Therefore, I continue coming in and buying things. Of course, my favorite strand…I always love to “fondle”. It is the matte emerald strand and I wish to own it – one day.

  • A few ideas, and only because I do this part-time in my current position:

    1) I suggest you talk to your current web service about properly spidering your site. They need to tag it with multiple words.

    2) You might want to consider more photos (larger, more detailed photos.)

    3) It might be helpful to have a page devoted to classes and projects (and some pictures of the finished results)…it might generate some enthusiasm.

    4) The three small photos in the middle of the page should change/update when you ‘refresh the page’. They should also be larger.

    5) You might want to consider adding a page devoted to the many different types of stones (amethyst, charoite, amazonite, MOP, tanzanite, etc.) but also discuss (and again, have photos) of different styles of beads (chevron, lamp work, Czech, bugle, seed, crystal, etc.) It would be helpful for a beginner.

    6) Consider increasing the size of your current font.

    Overall, it’s a nice site…not very dynamic. The blog is good, and you have a good (and entertaining!) writer.

    Best wishes!


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