The picture frame pendants are in!

Just look at these cuties!

Picture Frame Pendants
Picture Frame Pendants

They range in size down from an inch and a half,  (the copper and silver big squares) and have a little latch on the side.  You can put in fabric, paper, pictures, flowers, you name it!

And they have nice large loops, so you can slide them onto premade necklaces or cord.  Quick and personal, right?

Oh, also, all of the 3mm Miyuki cubes are now 33% off.  Yes, that’s ALL of the 3mm cube seed beads are one -third off.  So hurry.

1 comment on “The picture frame pendants are in!

  • beth aka flute diva says:

    Those are too adorable- will have to come in and check on how much they are! I have been approached so many times this year with people asking me where I get my beads and if I will sell my jewelry or do shows, etc. I get all my stuff from you guys and I just am now wondering…wondering if it would be fun or not to sell things I make. And, more importantly with the current theme in the store… how to remake more of my stuff by adding the “random components” to make it interesting. The random pieces I’ve done are the ones that are getting the most attention when I’m shopping, at work, the doctor’s office, etc. Has anyone else out there had this same experience? Just curious 🙂


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