We’re goin’ to see the Yarn Harlot!!!

Don’t forget, on Friday May 29th, we’re closing early so we can see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee at Legacy Books. Officially, we’re supposed to close at 6, but if we get antsy, (which is, sadly, more likely than not,) we may skate out early so we can be sure and get our book signed.

Actually, “we” here refers to me (your local Bead Hoor) and Michell, who is going with me. Because I’m not reliable enough on my own in circumstances like these. I’m likely to miss the exit, or forget to put on shoes, or something like that. Like saying “OMG, I LOOOOOOVE your stuff (drool embarrassingly, dribble on table) you are soooooo wunnerful!” and fall over. Really. I know how I am around people I nearly worship. So Michell will be there to kick me before I totally boob flake out.  She’s wonderfully competent and controlled and parental like that.

We’ll be back at 10:00 AM Saturday, open and selling beads.  If you come by and we’re gone Friday night, we’re sorry.  But Los Lupes does a tasty margarita. 

Whoopee!!!  Less than 24 hours to go!!! 

Excuse me, I have to go practice being normal for awhile.

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