Do you need help designing your jewelry?

Oh, come’on, everybody needs help sometimes. That’s why we’re having our new “The Joy of Being Random” classes. In fact, there is one in Fort Worth on Saturday (the 23rd) and two in Carrollton this Sunday (the 24th)! Check the schedules for exact times.

The Joy of Being Random is a one-hour design seminar on how to break yourself out of the “big bead, little bead, big bead, little bead” box. How to make great necklaces and bracelets that go with more things, look more professional, and don’t look like you borrowed them from Aunt Mildred. (Sorry, Aunt Mildred, but you wear boring jewelry made mostly of plastic…) We won’t be making a bracelet or anything, just giving you a million and one ideas. These $10 classes just packed with information.

And if you have a piece that you’ve been stuck on, bring it with you, we’ll help break through the design wall.

There are plenty of spots left, but sign up soon!

1 comment on “Do you need help designing your jewelry?

  • Beth aka flute diva says:

    Like I said in the store today, I am ready to embrace the randomness!! Now, I will work on creating the free time to sit and have fun with the random findings, etc. Thank you for all the fresh ideas you all present in the store. I think you are all wonderful and so helpful!

    If there’s anyone reading this that hasn’t been in this place, you’ve got to get there and meet these great people even if you can’t figure out what to do with beads, you will still enjoy yourself! 🙂


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