Carrollton store closing one hour early May 29th

The Carrollton store will be closing at 6:00 on May 29th, so we can go to Legacy Bookstore to see the Yarn Harlot! Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is coming to Dallas!!! She’s signing books AND talking!!! And she likes beads too!

If you haven’t discovered her, check out her blog. She’s wonderfully funny about life and knitting, and she’s taught me an amazing amount. Like the spider-in-the-shower story. I thought I was the only person that freaked about spiders when naked. Except her story was a lot funnier. (Yarn Harlot Blog Archive, August 6, 2007 – The Bad and the Ugly parts.) A word of warning, if you read her blog at work, and you laugh out loud, don’t tell them it’s about knitting, or they’ll think you’re crazy. (As S P-M says, “Ask me how I know that!”)

So show up and bring your knitting and beading. Bookstore employees are often quite taken aback at the response Stephanie gets. She deserves a great big Dallas-Fort Worth welcome, y’all!!!

1 comment on “Carrollton store closing one hour early May 29th

  • Whoo Hoo! You all have fun today- I clicked on her link and that knitting stuff sounds like lots of fun to me. may have to add another hobby to my hobbies soon 🙂

    and btw… am I truly the only one with a hidden bead stash? I still find that amazing that you all have your husbands trained that well. Envy!!


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