I forgot to tell you!

First, we got a ton of new stones this week.  OK, maybe not a *real* ton, but over 350 strands, at least, between the two stores.  And the new seed beads, including new colors of size 6 and 8 rounds, and the teeny 1.8mm cubes, are all on the wall now. 

And I got mugged.  Yep, went into the DFW Fiber Fest on Friday morning (which is still going on on Sunday, you HAVE to check it out if you have yarn issues –  http://dfwfiberfest.org) and was attacked by 4 big skeins of hand dyed amazing-ness called Mas Acero by Brooks Farm Yarns.   I was walking by, and it jumped off the display rack and into my arms,  completely entangling me.   The only way to get free was to have someone help me stuff it into a large plastic bag,  and I had to take it home so it couldn’t harm anyone else.  Until it woke me up at 3AM saying  “You know you should’ve gotten the blue too.   You really need to get it before it’s all gone.”    

But the drops match it so well!!  And it’s really soooo soft.  And some of the cubes are really quite nice with the blue that I got on Saturday.  But Mary just doesn’t understand Yarn Issues.  Sigh.

4 comments on “I forgot to tell you!

  • That Brooks Farm yarn can be a handful – let me tell you. Three skeins of Acero jumped me last year. I avoided being mugged by Brooks Farm this year, but the MadelaineTosh yarn got me instead!

    Thank you so much for dropping off the beads – we gave most of them away and there was a ton of interest. The last 20 or so packets went with a lady who’s going to hand them out at her crochet meeting. 🙂

    • Thanks, Anna! We can’t thank the DFW FiberFest enough! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that gets attacked by yarn. And beads.

  • My husband got mugged by BFY and let ME keep the 3 skeins of Riata… a worsted weight yarn. Do y’all have a bead size you recommend? And can you tell me how to get the beads on the (double stranded) fringe without going crazy?
    Warning, I may come visit tomorros 5/7/2009!!
    My “magic” shawl is almost done.

    • Bring in your yarn, that’ll help us figure out what size beads would be best. Way to work the show, my husband won’t go anywhere near beads or yarn with me anymore.

      We’ll see you soon!


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