Back to Beads!

We’ve been shopping just a bit…  First, there’s this glass:


Another view:


What’s the deal on the glass?  Well, you need to check your email for the latest newsletter from us.  If you aren’t on our mailing list, you’ll just have to check back tomorrow to find out what the deal is.  (At this point, I would normally insert a virtual “raspberry” but I’ve been warned.)

In Carrollton, we have more of the wonderful large African Brass and copper beads, check out the truly AMAZING necklace Michell made out of it with some of the bone and horn beads.  Fort Worth has some new copper beads, really cool large lacy “tubes” to hold mulitple strands of beads or leather, or silk, or even just bo be cool!

And there are also some large glittery crosses, new pendants, different clasps, and (of course) chocolate! 

PS – Don’t forget to sign up for our new design class – “The Joy of Being Random” being offered in Fort Worth on Saturday April 25th, and in Carrollton on Sunday May 24th. 

And don’t forget that the Carrollton store is open Sunday noon – 5, and we’re right off the George Bush tollway, so it’s easy to get to from everywhere!

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