We’re still in Chicago. It is still cold. And phone blog link is hiding buttons. I can’t get it to upload the pictures.

Ooo!! Maybe now?   Yay!!!  That was Chicago on Monday morning.  Cold.

We rode the train into the city, went to museums, walked about 4 miles.  Froze.  Most interesting sights were:  the guy on the street corner handing out cards with his Facebook address, icebergs falling off the Sears Tower trying to hit us, people bundled up in 5 layers, except for the girl running beside the lake wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt and shorts.  And the wind off the lake was probably the coldest thing I’ve ever felt.

Today we’re going back to the college for more poetry readings. And art.

At least it isn’t snowing.

3 comments on “Poetry

  • Wow! Beautiful pics. Here in “Cowtown” the weather is in the 80’s and today there were lots of grassfires to the West (Palo Pinto County) – you could smell the smoke clear at the Artful Bead because of the high winds. Don’t worry- store’s still there 🙂

  • I hadn’t seen the news when I posted earlier. There were many grassfires here in TX. It was pretty bad for many people. My thoughts will be there for all of the people that were affected by all of the events today.

  • Denise McMullen says:

    Poor Val…in Chicago in April and it is cold and snowing…who would have thought it would be that way up north???? Just pulling your leg…stay warm…it is here and we love it!


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