A Distressing Topic

We don’t want to upset anybody, or to point fingers, (never that) but we have been noticing that some things seem to have “left the building” without permission.  Such as:

  • one old size 2 metal crochet hook with a bent end
  • one spool of fishing line, about 2/3 used
  • one hole puncher, that only worked about half the time and sometimes failed to actually punch holes at all
  • one pair of kiddy scissors that had been used to cut wire

Are you seeing the pattern here?  We would have thrown most of this away eventually, but it vanished before we had the chance.  Nobody admits to having tossed any of it, but all admitted that the thought had crossed their minds.

So if it’s gone, *Someone* must’ve taken it.  And we want the person to know just one thing…

All those beads around and you take old pricing supplies???  Really???  Old stuff that’s half broken???  Really???


We think you’re weird.

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