One small problem…

About that beginning bead weaving stitches class the first Sunday of each month???  Well, I forgot that the first Sunday of April is the day I’m supposed to leave for Chicago to see Son #2 and the museums.  So, while the store will STILL BE OPEN that first Sunday, I won’t be there.  But don’t worry, Lucas and Amy or someone else will be there! 

And we’re working frantically on the second quarter class schedules, but I have realized that my camera is only pretending to work now.  Evidently it decided that the Tragedy in Tucson was really not something it could ignore, and it decided to pick random exposure values and flash brightness, and seems to have lost it’s focus.  Not something I could accept, so our relationship has come to a rather abrubt close.

And I have found a new camera and moved on.  Spent a few hours researching on the innernets, picked one out, and picked it up last night!  NO!, I didn’t pick it just because it’s teensy and teal colored and focuses REALLY close!  Well, partly because of all that.  (Did I mention that it’s teal colored?  really cool metallic teal?)  But the real deal clincher???  It’s waterproof!!! 


4 comments on “One small problem…

  • Love the description of the new camera and… perhaps you can make it a coordinating camera strap of maaaahvelous teal:)

    Hope all are enjoying this wonderful weather lately. Makes me want to do more beading. But then again, the ice a few weeks ago had the same effect… and the rain… and the fog… I think there’s a pattern developing here!

    Love your store and all you nice folks in it!

  • Thanks for saying all those nice things, Beth!!! Maybe we need to shift to cool blue beads when the thermometer hits 85, and use orange and reds when it’s icy outside?

    I posted some pictures from the new camera! It works awfully well, too. And it’s Teal…

  • I don’t blame you for firing your old camera… trying to weasel worker’s comp outta you, is just WRONG. Besides, the new TEAL camera sounds just darling!

    My daughter and I were just thrilled to find your store a few months ago, and she’s tickled pink that she can hop a DART bus from her dad’s and get to you in short order. She doesn’t have to wait for a chauffer! :o)

    We have thoroughly enjoyed every one of our visits. The staff are so helpful, and a pure pleasure to deal with.


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