A customer in the store today said she had read the post about the yelling raised voices about buying so much glass, and wanted to see some of what had caused the fracas.

So I showed her:

  1. The nifty rondells that are variegated like stone, except in colors that are really unique. 
  2. The big drops that look kind of squishy with a milky gleam on some of them. 
  3. The funky new “axhead” shape in two sizes. 
  4. The Carmen Miranda fruit beads. 
  5. The Swarovski jet bicones with the Czech blue, green, and purple AB coatings.
  6. The maple leaves with colored veins.
  7. All the new tiny drops.

And she said that I should’ve bought more.  HA!

I would’ve taken pictures, but the camera has evidently rethought its position on recovery after immersion.  We’re negotiating the return to work, but it wants more sick leave.  I’m offering a dunk in Sprite and a brisk underhand toss into the dumpster.  We’ll see who wins…

4 comments on “Vindication

  • I can still hear those beautiful beads whispering my name…all those ones that I left at the Artful Carrollton store on preveiw night. But I just rationalize that I left them for others to take to good homes….I can take them all – or can I?

    Preview night at Carrollton was great – looking at all those beautiful beads, stones, and glass…listen can you hear the beads calling your name?


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