Fort Worth Preview Night!

It was the usual Preview Night scene, with the chocolate pretzel sticks and amazing beads.  We saw a lot of old friends, a bunch of new friends, and everybody was having a great time.  It’s soooo much fun to hear “This is BEAUTIFUL!” and “I’ve never seen that before!” and “Are you getting that one?  Then give it here!”

The Carrollton Preview Night is next Friday, so if you missed out on the Fort Worth one, come to Carrollton, we have some of the same great stone, and some wonderful copper beads that weren’t in Fort Worth!  We’ll be sending the email about it on Monday.

And please have a happy Valentine’s Day! 

6 comments on “Fort Worth Preview Night!

  • Sounds like preview night was great fun! Sorry I missed it, but I was at a conference in San Antonio. Looking forward to visiting the store next week sometime to see all the pretties and collect my prize for being a posty poster:) hahahaha

  • Wow, WOW! Me loves the pretty bag of mega wonderfulness that I won for my posting persistance!!! 🙂 I tried to act cool, but I must say that I nearly passed out when Mary gave me the “mother load” as I have named it. Thanks again and as I’ve said before, you guys ROCK!

  • Beth, you are right about the wonderful posting winnings. I was equally impressed with mine and shall pass the word out to others that posting pays off, especially during contest time!! Artful Bead does indeed ROCK, and so does Beth! – Angela

  • Don’t forget that the Carrollton store’s Preview Night hasn’t happened yet!!!

    Michell has been planning the menu of snacks and brownies, in addition to all the beads, so everybody needs to come!

  • GeeZ! And I thought the box o chocolate goodness in Cowtown was great enough. Wish I could venture out East for the next preview… And I must also say that Angela rocks, also! Someday, I’ve gotta put names and faces together here 🙂

    Probably wouldn’t be that hard if I’d just yell out when I’m in the store “Attention all that are interested, I’m Beth and beads call me names… and I have complete conversations out loud with them sometimes right there in the store. Then again… I don’t think I want to scare off the normal people

  • And, for better or worse, (I think better) my 8 year old daughter loves the beads, also. She’s quite the beading mini me if I can brag for just a second!


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