We’re back!

Well, our bodies and the beads are back, our brains are still trailing behind somewhere on the road, they should arrive sometime Sunday.

The Fort Worth store’s Tucson Preview Night is next Friday, the 13th at 7PM.  The Carrollton store is having one the next Friday, 20th. (This used to say Carrollton’s was on the 13th, but that’s because I couldn’t track days of the week, and lost several.)

What better Valentine’s day present could you ask for than a stop by the Artful Bead?  Flowers don’t last, candy goes straight behind us, but beads are truly forever!

And because we don’t want to cause anybody undue stress while waiting for Preview Nights, we’re putting out huge piles of pearls (for $4.00 a strand) and slightly smaller piles of stone (for $5.00 strand) on Monday.  And some of the Czech glass, also.

Oh, the Czech glass…  That was a memorable night when Mary said (just a bit louder than necessary) “YOU SPENT A THIRD OF OUR TOTAL BUDGET ON GLASS?????”  Followed by several other comments along the same lines.  Sorry, but she knows I’m a glass whore, it shouldn’t really have shocked her so much. 

Besides, it wasn’t all my fault.  She walked off and left me to the mercy of the beads.  A hank of new glass would sparkle at me and say “Buy me, I’m wonderful and unusual” and I would say “but you’re too expensive, you would sell at $7.00 a strand!” and it would say “BUT I AM FREAKING FABULOUS, BUY ME NOW!” and I’d say “OK!”  This happened a couple of hundred times, I’m sorry to say.  But they are truly all freaking fabulous.  And I’ve promised to let all of them come to the store, I’m not keeping any for myself.  Really.  OK, maybe only 3 or 4 strands, though.  Oh, those great rondells!!!  10 or 12 strands for me.  Sorry.  Oh, the teensy drops!!!  Ummm….  


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