On the way back

We shopped all day yesterday, hit 3 shows, but not very hard.  Got the last really cool things, got whatevered by the singing bowl lady, and finished pricing on the sad side of 3AM.  Now we’re finishing the packing, then we’ll load the truck. 

Truck is going to be sad too.


And there are another 4 boxes, too.  And a suitcase full of glass.  And our exhausted selves.

The top one under the bag has pricing supplies and tape, so it really doesn’t count.  But the others are Wunnerful!!

See you soon…


5 comments on “On the way back

  • WOAH!!! Totally awesome load there! Can hardly wait to see all the pretties! Now that I’ve got my new “granny” specs, I’ll be able to bead away at my little heart’s content without straining to see the beading holes. It will be so wunnerful! 🙂

    Have a safe trip home. Weather’s super here in Cowtown!

  • Yup, Denise, they are indeed calling your name. They are saying, Denise, let Chris get first dibs, Denise , let Chris get first dibs…


  • They ARE calling you all. And you will all be TOTALLY amazed, really. I opened some of the boxes to check what was in each and am shocked at the vast amount of wonderful things! Shocked!!!!


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