We have a mostly camera!

So you can see these:  Electroplated leaves, in pinks, coppers, even blue and green!!!



And gunmetal (OK, they’re nearly black…) 


They are incredibly lacy, you can see through most of them.  But they’re sturdy, the vendor was bending them, and it takes quite a bit to actually bend it till it snaps.  We saw a lot of these leaves, these were the only ones we even looked at closer.

4 comments on “We have a mostly camera!

  • Wow WOW! I know I said I’d slow down on comments, but these leaves are totally cool! I wish we can see pics of the frog beads and the things mentioned in the tragic post! Luckily, I do not know how much water a leather purse can hold. Poor Thangs! 🙁

  • Zoinks! The leatherwater wash feature added to the camera really does something to the quality of the photographs here. A sort of twinkly finish. Or maybe it’s just that the leaves are really that lovely! Leaves from fairyland. I’ll go with that. – Angela

  • Thanks for telling us that the leaves are sturdy — I’ve seen those types of leaves before but was never interested because the picture in my head was all the ends snapped off…

    When do y’all come back home?

  • Denise McMullen says:

    I purchased a large, gold colored one way back when I was 21 and loved wearing it with my suits. But it was very fragile and lasted only one year. After that they were out of style and I could not find one.

    I’m glad they are more durable and back…I love the lacy natural look that they have even though they are covered in metallic finishes.


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