possible tragedy

Today we bought pendants and other unique items.  More Tibetan beads, and some of the prettiest bone (I know, but I really LOVE these) we’ve seen.  Really.

Imagine a thin rectangle about 1 1/4 inches wide and 2 inches tall, with a teensy kimono painted on it, with flowers and border prints, in about 4 colors.  And the most adorable frogs with teeny green lines painted on them.  Why are you having to imagine them?  Well, that’s the possible tragedy.

It seems that putting a bottle of water into a leather tote bag without first tightening the lid is a serious problem.  It becomes even more of a problem when the digital camera is sitting in the bottom of the bag.

Did you know that leather can hold a lot of water an amazing length of time?  It can.  Right until it starts dripping into someone’s shoes.

Cesar spent 20 minutes shaking water out of the camera, and while it seems to kind of work, we’re letting it dry out over night and then asking it very nicely to continue functioning. 

We also bought some of the most amazing plated leaves on the planet, really.  We’ve seen lots of plated leaves, but these are UNBELIEVABLE!  Breathtaking, in fact. 

We got more great unusual stone, like delicious blue Madagascar chryscolla, and dyed aventurine.  The dyed aventurine?  It has this shimmery business just under the surface of rich browns, golds, greens and burgundys.  Amazing stuff, and not horribly expensive. 

I just counted.  Right now we have about 22 of those 28qt flat tubs full of beads and all.  And there are still 2 60 pound boxes of beads to pack up.  I hope the pickup springs are in good shape.  It looks like half the back seat will have boxes in it.

I’m going to bed now.  It’s already tomorrow.

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  • Yes, I do know how much liquid a leather purse can hold before it starts dripping. I would much rather have learned that from reading your blog than from personal experience, but oh well….


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