First Woman:  “Bolos are now the official tie of Arizona, everybody will be wearing them!”

Second Woman:  “Humph.  I have a ton of bolos, and haven’t sold a one!”

First Woman (sweetly):  “That’s because yours are ugly, dear.”

 Also, we know that over 400 different computers have looked at this blog in the last few days.  Is it not letting you comment?  Is it some vast conspiracy to make sure Beth and Angela get all the prizes, ensuring that we can’t give out 30 of the same thing?  OK, Paranoia aside, if you’ve tried to comment and it won’t let you, email me at info at artfulbead dot com.  OK?

4 comments on “overheard

  • Awwww. If it will make everyone feel better I’ll stop responding so much! Just getting carried away by my bead enthusiasm 🙂

  • Okay, secret’s out. Excepting Beth’s computer, my job of manning 399+ computers has been totally exhausting!!! Now that I’ve been found out – I shall relax and just operate from one. Wow, that was fun while it lasted. Kidding aside – what’s up? Hey – are you Second Woman in the aforementioned conversation? Did that comment send you spiraling into a boloed funk? Hmmmm – ugly bolos – imagine that. – Angela

  • Yay!!! At least 3 people!!!

    Second woman walked away, no further comments heard. Beth, you can comment your. I was just an innocent eavesdropper (? no spellcheck here, too tired to care).

    Although manning 399 computers must’ve tuckered Angela plum out.

    Horrible how I start talking Texan when surrounded by strange accents.


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