No pix today

Way too tired to get to it, unfortunately.  This was the “EEEEEEKKK!!!!!  We’re halfway through time and not halfway through shopping!!!!!” realization day.

However, we did get:

  • Vintage chain in wonderful brassy gold and silver
  • Some unbelievable jade and quartz in great spring colors
  • Tibetan beads, prayer box pendants, and prayer wheels
  • Yowza turquoise
  • Sapphires, dainty tourmalines, iolite, pink amethyst, and other clear fancies
  • Magnificent agates etched and ancient looking
  • Wonderful blue agate
  • Adorable bone trinket boxes
  • Huge honkin’ jade rondells, carved jade pendants, and other carved beads
  • Glass fruit beads, glass flowers, glass in new shapes and colors.  (FREAKING TONS OF GLASS – REALLY)
  • More wonderful high-quality stones in great shapes at fantastic prices.
  • “Torched copper” beads that grab your eyeballs.
  • Akoya pearls, huge coin pearls, and king-size keishi pearls in warm colors
  • three milkshakes and a pretzel for lunch.
  • 4 asprin tablets for dinner, with two bloody marys and one beer.

The room smells like menthol and Ben-Gay… 

3 comments on “No pix today

  • Oh my goodness! Sounds like a fun, yet tiring day. Did anyone think to bring along some epson salts to soak those tired footsies?

    The stuff sounds so very wonderful! Pics are super, but sometimes just getting surprised once us shoppers hit your store is nice, also. Have a Wonderful Wednesday 🙂

    And, I’m loving this contest thing. Finally, I can say that I’ve won something fun that’s not related to my work. COOL!


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