Today’s purchases

We bought pearls – pounds of pearls.  Some so beautiful that you would be willing to go through a wedding just to get to wear them, and some inexpensive that you could buy 15 strands and wind them together in a magnificent choker.

And we bought amazing sterling clasps, unique and sturdy and even some “real girl” magnetic ones!

And vermeil and Hill Tribe, really different beads and even some that look like artichokes!  Glass hearts, hollow large ones and dichroic smaller ones.  Even lapis hearts!

And matte white-line onyx, words can’t describe it.


Fluorite in 5 colors per strand, or a heartbreaking blue.


Bling out the wazoo!! 


And if that isn’t enough, translucent dyed jade in colors that make your mouth water,  like a mango margarita or limeade or strawberry smoothee.  In all kinds of shapes and sizes!

OK, time to go now.  can’t spell anymorel.


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