We’re THERE!!!

But we found another Fabulous Roadside Sign on the way!

 Roadside sign

Yep, that really makes you want to wander around and check out the picnic tables!

Anyway, we made it on into town, hit one show and bought a lot of glass pearls (this is about 1/4 of them, or less) (ignore the cruddy background, we’re in a hurry here):


And really cool agate and jade:

Agate and jade beads

and these:  Stalactite slices ringed with amethyst:

stalactite slices

see, even with a bedsheet and tissue paper and cruddy photography, some of their fabulousness shows thru!!!!

And now I have to start pricing, Mary’s been doing it for about an hour while I’ve been doing this, and she’s getting a bit snippy.

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