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The first time you post a comment in here, it goes into a holding area until someone can look at and verify that it’s not offering drugs or pornography – you’d be amazed how much spam we seem to get.  My past favorite was “May to want baig pipi for U!” which I think I get the gist of, but maybe not.

OK, rambling.  Anyway, your comments are held and it tracks the minute (and second) you posted it, they just might not show until I can OK them.  In most cases, after we clear one to post from your email address, all future ones will show up immediately.  And since it stores everything, I don’t have to remember who won the “comment prize” for each entry.

Also I decided to see if I can manage more than one a day, just to keep it confusing exciting! 

3 comments on “About posting comments

  • How exciting was that win! Really, just happened to stop by at just the right minute. Another laugh this morning at your post – weirdness prevails! Thanks for the win, and looking forward to seeing y’all real soon. Need to restock a few supplies. Hope y’all are having fun and a very quiet commute. Well, at least with no swat inducing singing. Poor thing….. – Angela


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