We’re on the way!

Saturday morning, we’re loading up the pickup and heading west!  Everything is ready: lists are made and organized, dogs are boarded (sorry, Susie and Louie!), and Starbuckses are in the cupholders!  We are Starting the Adventure!

Unfortunately, Mary swats when someone starts singing “On the Road Again,” probably because the swatee can’t sing for doodle.  So I’ll just have to find some other way to irritate her.  And that isn’t really very hard for me to do.  After 3 hours in the car, everything irritates her. 

We start shopping on Sunday! 

Oh, since I tend to feel like nobody’s reading this, first person to make a comment on each blog entry wins a special prize!


5 comments on “We’re on the way!

  • Oh, yeh. Someone’s reading it alright! And laughing as doing so. Funnier than a sprayed roach! Love the store, thought I ‘d check in a see what’s going on! Would love to be on the road again with y’all! Singin’ all the way. Everything my sister commented on yesterday while en route to Canton just begged for the following… clap, clap, clap, clap “deep in the heart of Texas!… sung with mucho gusto! Try that one on Mary! Your cue – “Oh the sky sure is pretty today……” Then your response! Until you cross into another state, of course. Safe trip and happy shopping! – Angela

  • I never know what to post, so I stay silent. As for your prize, congratulations! I’m sure you get your choice of something from the display case by the cash register. Well, maybe not. Now you know why I stay silent.

  • Lisa Halperin says:

    Darn – always #2! Well, Artful Bead is becoming my Saturday “errand” and learning experience. I hope you have great fun and come back with BEAUTIFUL beads to share! Michelle was very helpful today! 🙂

  • Angela is first for today!!! Come by whichever store is closest to you sometime the week of Feb. 9th or later, and tell them your email address to claim your prize, Angela! I tried singing something else, but Mary’s back-seat-swatting-aim is really amazing. I decided to be quiet and knit, in case she decided to abandon me at the next gas station.

    Beth – I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the time!

    Have to sleep now. V


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