Almost there!

(The camera cord is lost somewhere in the back of the pickup, buried, so I took pictures but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow evening to be inserted.  Just imagine them today:)

For 11 hours today, this was my view:

Mary's feet and the windshield


Cesar Drives

And this is what I did:



And now we’re in Las Cruces NM, after passing several of the huge windmill farms, oil wells, El Paso, and trucks.  We ate fried jalapeno strips at a DQ, (quite tasty) ice cream sandwiches (also very nice) at the gas station, and fantastic raspberry lemonade. 

After very little discussion, we opted to pass on staying at the Worst Motel Room in the World in Van Horn.  (see last year’s Tucson blog, “Hazard Duty” for an edited description.  I removed the pictures from it last year, it seemed too mean.) 

We’ll be there tomorrow, shopping. 

Thanks for the comments!!!  Yay!!!  I’m not completely alone. 

Remember, the first person to respond in a comment wins a prize!  I’ll tell the winner of today’s prize in the comments.

1 comment on “Almost there!

  • Okay. I’m not after another prize, just finding the blog hilarious. The drive through those parts of Texas just makes me crazy. Can you say “Benadryl”? Tempting to be in a Benadryl induced state during long road trips, but somehow I endure – next time knitting is in order, a great idea! Now, off to go read last year’s Hazard Duty post. Somehow, I’m thinking Hazard Doody? Bye, off to find out the real story. – Angela


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