We Count!

On Sunday January 4th, at 11:00AM, this was the scene in the Artful Bead Carrollton store:


See, we’re counting everything in the store, a big team of people from the Fort Worth store and the Carrollton store, united and busy.  Very busy, counting every bead and strand in the store. 


Brenda and Carol count Swarovski crystals…


Lucas wastes time while others work…  (OK, he worked hard too.)


And Amy holds her Scepter of Inventory Supremacy, AKA The Spoon of Doom!  Amy organized the entire process, assigned teams, and kept the whole thing running and on track.  The Spoon is applied (briskly and swiftly) to any slacker, anyone who fails to count diligently and constantly, and thus Lets The Team Down.  Or anyone who makes bad puns.   Or says numbers really loud to throw the rest of us off when we’re counting.

This worked nicely for most of the day, we finished counting before 4:00 in the afternoon.  An amazing feat, we never expected to finish so early!

But in a power struggle over control of The Spoon, tragedy struck!

Spoon of Doom

We don’t know if we will be able to repair the spoon by next year’s inventory.  Power struggles are inevitable, I guess, and Amy did end up with the biggest share of the broken spoon, but it was shocking to witness, hostilities immediately ceased.  Just goes to show you how close we are to anarchy, even in the midst of beads.  Maybe next year we’ll have to have a two-by-four of doom instead.


4 comments on “We Count!

  • Wow! I did not know about this side of Amy…. Seriously guys, she may need spoon withdrawl therapy after this oh so traumatic experience. If she’s lucky, maybe the Valentine Cupid will shower her with new torture utensils to make her smile again. Perhaps a whole set of wooden kitchen utensils. Maybe a bamboo spoon or spatula will prove to be more sturdy when next year’s festivities begin yet again! 😉

  • Amy has always the strong disciplined one, you know. And there’s something to be said for smacking people with wooden spoons, it’s just good plain fun. My sons had spoon-shaped dents in their heads for years! We’ll have to try to find a bamboo spoon for next year’s inventory, that’s a great idea.


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