Is it already January?

Wow.  How did that happen?  One day we’re throwing out the last of the turkey tetrazinni and getting ready for Christmas, then it’s New Years Day, then counting inventory, and all of a sudden, just like that, it’s Time to Consider Tucson!

So we’ve got the reservations, figured out who we’re going to see, and started getting ready.  Working out the game plan, plotting how to reach the goal line, and all those other sports metaphors that I don’t know.

We’ll be in Tucson the first week in February, shopping our little feet off (OK, our middle-to-large feet) buying the most fabulous, unique, wonderful, most perfect beads, findings, and pendants to bring back.  And you get to see them on Preview Nights.  Yep, two stores requires two separate Preview Nights, we won’t be buying all the same stuff, because “unique” doesn’t usually come in duplicates.  More details on the dates for Preview Nights later.

If you have special requests, come by soon and tell us all about it.  We can’t guarantee to find what you want, but we’ll look for that special huge amethyst pendant, or those really nice lapis 18mm rounds.

But hurry, we have less than 30 days!!!  What???  Less than 30 days???  EEEK!!!  I have to make lists! 

4 comments on “Is it already January?

  • You guys always bring back totally wonderful stuff- we trust your taste! But if you are longing for a request, how about some lampwork beads? And great findings? And any cool things that we’ve never even dreamed about? I know you’ll come through for us!!!

  • I want to see more teal glass !!!! Teal is IN gals (at least it’s IN in my little world)! Oh and how about more fab amazonite.. we need more of that too!!!!! PLEASE?!?!?!?!


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