Squeaker Report #3 And a SALE!!

Squeaker went to the vet on Monday so he could get vaccinated before going to Operation Kindness in two weeks.  When the vet tech took him out of the carrier, it was love at first sight!  He held Squeaker up to his face, Squeaks purred and touched Rob’s nose with his paw, and it was all over for both of them.  Rob had been looking for a kitty, and Squeaker latched onto him and wasn’t letting go.  Squeaker took his blankie and his NemoFishy toy and didn’t look back. 

Rob said we can come visit sometimes, and that he’d try to send pictures.

So that’s a happy ending, and the Cutest Kitten in the universe has a wonderful forever home!

AND, to celebrate, we’re putting seed beads on sale 35% off in both stores!  But because not everybody has a seed bead addiction, loves seed beads, needs more seed beads, we’re also giving you 35% off of any single item (except books) in the store.  So come see us soon, before the good colors are gone!


3 comments on “Squeaker Report #3 And a SALE!!

  • I talked to the Vet’s office, they say that Squeaks tries to follow Rob everywhere, and is absolutely adorable! So it’s a wonderful happy ending!

  • Where’s our squeeker update? The world is waiting to hear how the cyberspace kitten is doing in his new home… and we want pics, if that is possible!!!


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