Squeaker Report #2 – with pictures!

Squeaker is now 6 weeks old, and in full Furry Commando mode.  He seems to be completely fearless, climbing to the top of the 8 foot tall scratching post, jumping off the back of the couch, chasing the resident 50-pound-black-panther-trapped-in-a-housecat-body around the house, and trying to ride on shoulders.


 Squeaker in the single motionless moment of the day.  I think he’s plotting.


Trying out the couch – not impressed.


Near the top of the 8 foot tall scratching post.  Note that he’s not really concerned at all, not even worried.  Instead, he’s watching a cat on the floor.  Five minutes later he tried to jump off.


He’s watching a piece of turkey lunchmeat – time to come back to earth!

Squeaker has asked us to help him find a forever home.  He will be ready to move the weekend before Christmas.  He has excellent grooming and personal habits, (except for a slight tendency to bite everything at least once, just to see if it’s edible.)  

Interested parties please email info at artfulbead dot com, or in a comment to this entry. 


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