Wow!  We’ve been really busy!  We have more of those fabulous $5 stone strands in, like these:

5 dollar strands

Lovely rose quartz, jade, smoky quartz, agates and jaspers, great chips of several stones, all kinds of great buys! 

And we have new Chinese lampwork pendants, at such fantastic prices (shhhh $7 don’t tell) you won’t believe it.  In beautiful copper swirls, or fabulous flowers! 


And then there’s the new German Vintage Glass!!!  Mounds of it!!!  (sorry for the capital letters – it’s so pretty it seemed to demand them.) 

And if that’s not enough, new seed colors and sizes in Carrollton!!!  New colors of 11’s, 8’s, 15’s, and bugles.  New 3mm cubes!!!  Whee!!

Come see us!

ps – for everyone who has been in the Carrolllton store and met our Orphan Kitten, here’s a progress report:  Squeakers (only a temporary name, until he gets old enough to stop squeaking) is very much a male, 3 weeks old as of today.  He is still getting a bottle, but is starting to investigate the joys of canned catfood.  He has a habit of “humming” to himself when he’s bumbling across the floor – he kind of sounds like R2-D2 in Star Wars, making “mmmhm? hmhmhm. ik rrmmmm.  Eep!!!” noises.  Of course, he still falls over when he shakes his head too hard.  He’ll visit the store on Friday, and then next week we’re hoping he’s old enough to stay home with a babysitter.

4 comments on “Stuff!!!

  • Wow! Wow! I’m drooling over the pretty pretties! Hope you don’t run out before I can drum up some extra cash! Luv’ ya guys!

    PS When will you start on the Christmas bracelets? I’m starting to miss wearing my cute Halloween bracelet oh so much!

  • Christmas bracelets and earring kits will be ready the weekend of November 21st (next weekend). And we have lots of cute bell-charms and beads too!

  • ok, i’m such a blonde! i was in today and saw all those beautiful things pictured here and FORGOT to ask if you also have lampwork beads there. i saw the pendants and they are soooo cool! i guess that, once again, i got sidetracked when i got in there!

    p.s. i just want to send a special hi to my fellow “jingle gal” who works in there. have a great turkey day!!!!!


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