Spook-tacular Sale?

OK, it’s probably cheezy to call it a “Spook-tacular Stone Sale” but we just love Halloween!!  We have been decorating for our favorite holiday, and we want everyone to have as much fun as we are.  So pearls and stone strands on the wall and in the case are 20% off through November 1st.  Isn’t that fun??!!!??  (insert “WHEEE!!! here) 

Yes, we’re including the stone strands in the “good stuff” cases!  But they won’t last long, so if you’ve been lusting over those sapphires, turquoises, tourmalines, or green amethysts, better come and get ’em before they go home with someone else!

And of course we have chocolate, as always!

I need opinions – are rubies too dressy for trick-or-treating?  Should I stick to citrine?

2 comments on “Spook-tacular Sale?

  • I LOVE IT! Tried to come by today to check out the sale, but the parking lot was filled with bounce houses and it freaked me out! (hahaha) Seriously, it was a wierd sight!

    As for the ruby question… sounds fabulous! I’m planning to wear my fabulously creepy skull earrings right along with my halloween costume! Or, maybe the pumpkins, or maybe the ghosty ones…oh goodness- good thing I’ve got until Friday to decide!

  • Sorry about the bounce houses, totally out of our control.

    Why can’t we wear out Fabulously Creepy Skull earrings all year ’round??? I mean, without having people stare, anyway.


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