We went just a little bit Crazy

Well, maybe more than a little bit crazy.  Maybe a sort of 1957-Caddilac sized crazy.  Silver and vermeil arrived. Like this: 


 And this:


And those really big looking gold and silver ball beads?  Those puppies are about an inch tall.  Really huge.  And there are other wonderful big beads, clasps, and some of the funniest earwires we’ve seen.  (Ask for the “wardrobe malfunction” earwires.  Even Lucas laughed at them.  And he didn’t blush, either!)

And tomorrow, I’ll post pictures of the Wonderful New Stones (yes, they deserve capital letters, they are all really cool), including Swiss Blue topaz, some truly cool rutilated quartz, some Dallas Cowboy sapphires (Carrollton only), and black spinel in three shapes!  Of course, you could come to the stores on Saturday and check it out…   


1 comment on “We went just a little bit Crazy

  • wow, WOW! Those pics have got my curiosity, indeed! Can’t wait to see more on this website…or in person since I come by at least twice a week or so! You guys are wonderful!!!


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