Out of room…

OK, we are out of room for pendants in the Carrollton store.  Really.  No more space in the case.  We’ve tried, but we just can’t find any more room, short of stacking them in layers.

So we need to make some of them go away, and we’ve decided to make deals on most of the artist beads we have.  So for this weekend and next week, our fused glass, dichroic, and ceramic artist beads are 1/3 off.  Yep, 33% discount!  That includes Marsha Neal beads.  Come in soon to get your favorite, OK?

PS – This is the Carrollton store only, because we’re the ones that only have two cases, instead of four.  Does that seem fair to you?  I thought about buying another display case, but it seems like more fun to whine about it instead.

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