New Shiny Stuff!! New Matte Stuff!

Take a deep breath, and please ignore the lousy photography:

Rivolis 2  Rivolis 1

Um… Note to self – Swarovski Rivolis are awfully dang sparkly – and don’t play too well with flashes.  But still – oh my, oh my…  We also have square-ish ones with rounded corners that were not photographable with my skills.

And the seed bead mixes came in, over 30 different mixes of color, shape, and size of beads! With colors named “Arabian Nights” and “Frost Flowers” and “Metallic Rain”.  Just LOOK!

Tourmaline  Rain Forest  Peacock

These are Tourmaline, Rain Forest, and Peacock Garden.  wow…..  Sorry the pictures are a bit lacking, they’re really unbelieveable.

Come seem them soon, before they all go to their forever homes.


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