Sloooooow Freight?

OK, guilt is nearly overwhelming, since Carol (Yes, First Customer Both Times Carol, THAT Carol) has now officially started working for us.  So that last post about looking for help is way out of date, because she’s been there a whole week, and I’m just now getting this posted.  Very slow freight indeed.

But some of the delay is because we got in more bugles (#3’s and twisted ones!) and some absolutely delicious Swarovski Rivolis, even square ones!  (too lazy to look up the official plural of Rivoli.  Sorry.  Tell me in the comments and make me happy.)  There will be pictures soon. 

Saturday was wonderful, we saw lots of friends, lots of new friends who saw our advertisements in the local newspapers, and several who saw our FRONT PAGE article in the Carrollton Leader last Wednesday.  The online verison of the article is at  (I still don’t know how to make that be a link, so you’ll just have to paste it in your address bar, probably.)

And Chris?  Thanks for the “address not there” warning.  It’s there, just not very well organized.  I’m going to make the “directions” and “about us” pages a bit more two-store aware tonight.  Or tomorrow.  Maybe. 


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