Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a Bead Store!

Yep, it’s official, we’re open. 

And Carol, who made the Very First Purchase during the Very First Day of tubing, was the Very First Customer through the door!  And she brought gifts!!!  The framed commemorative receipt and everything!  It’s absolutely Fabulous!  You should see the picture!!! 

And the picture of the Very First Necklace made in the Artful Bead SC, of a wonderful young woman’s very first jewelry making attempt!  So dang CUTE!

Well, you could admire those adorable pictures,  if I had managed to bring the camera home.  Sorry.  If the planets align, they’ll be here tomorrow.

And I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to get ready for the big day – Amy and Lynn who arranged everything on the walls and in the cases; Mary for her endless support and amazing direction; and most of all, my son Jack and my “rental” son Lucas, who worked endless hours on the remodeling, building tables, and doing every silly thing I asked, without crabbing or griping.  And my husband, who had the sense to get out of the country while I was in “Don’t Bother Me, I’m Having Hysterics” phase.

Thanks to all of you, I promise I’ll become human again, around the middle of August.  Really.

P.S. – I apologize for getting Carol’s name wrong, I called her Karen, mostly because I’m an airhead with few functioning brain cells at present.  Thank you eversomuch Carol! 

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