Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!

OK, I was overly optimistic when I thought we would have everything ready on Wednesday night or Thursday before noon at the latest.  I really wanted a night to rest up, so we’d be fresh, excited, and bushy-tailed Friday morning. 

“Overly optimistic” is a bit of an understatement.  “Wildly disconnected from reality” might be a bit more accurate.  At best, we’ll be excited.  Maybe a little punchy from being up too late too many nights in a row.  Definitely not bushy-tailed.

Thank heavens for Cafe Brazil, they’re keeping me vertical at this point.

Oh!  I forgot! 

As part of our Grand Opening Celebration, we’ll give everyone 20% off everything in the store except for sterling silver, gold and vermeil, and books. 

See you this weekend! 


2 comments on “Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY!

  • Ok, so I’ve gotta know one of the burning questions….. because bead auras are calling me now that summer’s in full swing… will the 20% off be offered also at the Fort Worth location or only at your Dallas location?


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