After a truly herculean effort, all but 17 bags of seed beads have been put in tubes in only 4 days.  Thanks to all of our incredible volunteers, especially those of you that came all 4 days.  Especially Marilou and Chris, who stayed to the bitter end, only leaving when Mary said “Enough!  We’re done!” at 7:45 Sunday night.

You wonderful, amazing, FABULOUS women put beads into more than 10,000 tubes.  Nearly 1200 different colors and shapes.  That’s an awful lot of beads, people!!!

We can’t thank you enough, and for all you who are going no miss our Grand Opening Celebration to attend the Bead Retreat in Shreveport, be careful, have fun, and we promise to save some for you after you get back!

And for all of you who aren’t going to Shreveport, we’ll see you next weekend!! 

And to be perfectly honest, those remaining 17 bags are awfully boring colors.  Sad but true.  

Thanks!  A million times, Thanks!


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