Address for the new store!

The new Artful Bead has floors now, so we’re willing to let out the address:

    • Artful Bead  
    • 2501 N. Josey Lane, Suite 116
    • Carrollton, TX 75006
    • Phone number 972-242-8949

It’s on the south-west corner of Josey Lane and Trinity Mills/George Bush Turnpike.  (There’s an exit for Josey on Geo. Bush, but you don’t have to use the tollway!) Catty-corner from the Target shopping center, and across Josey from Cafe Brazil.  When you see Shipley’s Donuts from Josey, turn in!  It says “Beads” above the door. 

Mapquest and Google maps are right about the address, but Microsoft’s seems to be a bit off. 

Now I have to get the back door painted and the bathroom floor cleaned up.  I’m running out of time! 


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