Getting closer!

Still no pictures to show you, but as of today, we have half the slatwall up, the bathroom finished, and all but 4 of the ceiling tiles replaced!  So we’re on track for our Grand Opening on August First and Second!!!  Brenda spent over 2 hours scraping paint, tape, and gum (?! gum?) off the windows, so they’re nice and shiny.  And we won’t try to figure out why anyone stuck gum on the window a long time ago. 

I’ll try to post the schedule for the tubing parties tomorrow night, now I have to update the class schedule.  Sorry!  Please feel free to say mean things about me, and about my general level of incompetence.  (It’s all true, I know it is.  I’m going to eat worms now.)



One comment on “Getting closer!

  • Rainbow Cupcake says:

    that was so annoying at times 🙁
    but it gave me a great learning experience :))

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