A String of Artful Beads?

Have you heard the rumors that The Artful Bead is moving / opening another store / changing drastically?  If you’ve been in the store recently when Mary is being blabby in an expansive mood, then you know they’re not just rumors.  So here’s the full scoop:

The Artful Bead is expanding into North Dallas!!!  We’re opening a second store that will look much like the original one, with the same great ever-changing inventory.  Somewhere close to freeways and easy to get to, but that part’s not nailed down yet.  We’re planning to open sometime in August, but it’s kind of hard to plan when you still haven’t picked the exact spot.  (And if that seems disorganized, ask Mary about some of the other things that have been done slightly out of order.)

Don’t worry, the Original Artful Bead will continue to serve the west side of the Metroplex, and we won’t check addresses, so you can shop at either store.

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6 comments on “A String of Artful Beads?

  • LollyChops says:

    HI HI HI!!! I had a fab class last night with Elizabeth and the granbury girls. Russian Spiral. We torn it up as usual…. I am sorry I have been absent from the blog lately. The weather cleared up and the out-of-doors was-a-callin. I have a new house and the beds were in sorry pitiful sad shape. They are shaping up and I got back to beading again finally! I heard Mary bubbling last night about the new shop. I got so excited I could hardly stand it! If the new shop is where I think it’s going to be (scooby called and gave me the potential new location scrappy scoop) then I officially live in the dead middle between the two. I am thinking some sort of roadside drink stand might in order as my fellow beaders are traveling between the two shops. I am also thinking I will need to keep an eye on the two shops to make sure one does not surpass the other in inventory coolness. It’s a tough job but I think I can handle it. Happy for you guys! I cannot wait to check out the new place!

  • Yaayyy! LollyChops is back!!

    You’ll have to work out a schedule, so you can check our inventory coolness on a regular basis. With the planned buying schedule, AB2 should be waaaay cooler. Or maybe just further east.

  • Oh, PS – Elizabeth has agreed to teach some at AB2 also, but we probably wont’ have the Granbury gals. We’ll have to find some fun groups on this side of town.

  • Very excited for you so that the Dallas gals can bead, too. But, I must admit, I am SUPER glad you’re keeping your original store in Fort Worth. Without you guys, all us beading gals in the “west side” would be so lost!!!!!

  • Of COURSE the original store is staying!!! We couldn’t just abandon all of you in Fort Worth! Besides, with two of us, it’s twice as much fun!

  • omg, omg! Thank you so much!!! U are so wonderful and I’m glad FW will still have it’s beads. No one here can compete with your inventory and wonderful staff. I look forward to another wonderful summer of beading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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