I knew it

Nobody ‘fessed up, evidently I am the only person on the planet that falls under the influence of beads.  I thought at least Lolly would say she did too, out of solidarity.  Now I know, I’m the one that’s “one taco short of a combo plate.”

So I’ll just keep it to myself.  I’ve been conducting experiments, and have learned a lot about the ways beads influence my decisions.  But since it’s only me, I should just keep quiet.  At least about bead auras.

1 comment on “I knew it

  • Well, I must admit that I too am influenced by the bead auras. In fact, I often pick clothes that will go along with my beads. Pity, pity, I know, yet it is indeed true!

    So do not feel that you are alone. It is impossible to go into the artful bead without leaving with something you can make a treasure out of!!!


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