Teacher Profiles – Bridget Goodman


An avid arts and crafts person for several decades, Bridget stopped at a booth that had lots of beading kits at an International Quilt Show. Only one of those three purchased kits was ever completed because she found designing ‘on the fly’ to be her forte’. Intrigued by the beauty of these tiny beads, she started with a square stitch class at a nearby bead store and began to build her repertoire’ of basic stitches. Then she began to combine the stitches and/or explore ways to embellish them. For her, beads took over as the main medium used to play with color, texture, and design as well as offer an alternative for display. You can only put so many floral designs in a home and only so many things can be covered in mosaics, etc.…but there are 365 days every year to wear one-of-a-kind jewelry or adorn others by gifting!

Bridget comments, “Whether sitting by a ‘couch potato’ in the evening or whiling away hours in a hotel room during business travel, the rhythmic stitching of beads together into endless combinations of color and texture keep the hands and mind busy.” Or, she often says, “On first glance, you often think that beadwork is tedious or difficult, but it has unwound many a kink formed from work or commuting stress. I’ve often worked a 10 hour day along with another 2 hours on the road before coming home…then I pick up my beads and find I’m halfway through another bracelet by bedtime and totally relaxed.”

Now, Bridget gets to work from home traveling via internet while providing technical writing or instructional design to many Fortune 500 companies. She has taught several classes at her ‘alma mater’ bead store. Through a move to the Fort Worth area and connecting with us here at The Artful Bead, Bridget desires to continue teaching others. Her experience over the last decade is derived from the many skills she has learned through wonderfully inspired instructors, through the many books, magazines or websites she studies, and the thousands of hours and hundreds of projects completed.

Come and let her share with YOU!

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