We hope you didn’t miss it

We saw so many old friends, and new friends and young friends for our big 5th birthday party!  We sold an awful lot of be-yoo-ti-ful beads, too.

It was so much fun to see the earlybirds standing politely in a line at 7:40.  We took a few pictures, but went off and left the camera on the shelf, being too tired to remember to pick it up.  The rest of the day we had NO TIME for taking pictures, we were moving fast.

 And I finally met Lolly in person – HI LOLLY!!!  So That was a great thing.

And we also had not one but three great jewelry making techniques classes!  We had so much fun, even if we did mess up a bit and think that the people that called to see if they could sign up were the same people that had come in earlier, so when class started we had 8 people!  We just split it into two, and had classes at both the class table and the front table.  OK, I’m really tired, because those two sentances are really bad, but I can’t figure out what do do about them.  I just want a nice glass of wine and some chinese takeout dinner and a nice sit for about 10 minutes and then bed.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a fabulous day for us!  We’re sending everybody air-hugs and kiss-noises!  Thankyou ThankYou THANKYOU ALL!!!

2 comments on “We hope you didn’t miss it

  • Thank you for a wonderful sale! Just wanted to know that today may have been a historic day because you guys have sparked my kid into making jewelry, too. My 7 year old LOVES your store and insisted that we shop there together today. She strung her own necklace with the beads she earned for all her “hard work” while I was shopping. So… another bead gal has been created. And as for me, thank you again for the wonderful beads and “bead counseling” that you guys provide. I love your store and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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