Homework for Bead Crochet

If you’re taking the Bead Crochet class, you have homework to do before class day!

On your size 8 DMC perle cotton thread, string at least 40 INCHES of size 8 seed beads.  For the sprial bracelet in 2007, string 5 in the main color, one in the accent color, 5 main color, one accent color, and so on.  For the multi-color bracelet in the spring 2008 class, you can string any combination of beads, but if you want the stripey effect, string on groups of 6 or 12.

You won’t have time to do this during class.

We updated this for the bracelet class in April 2008.  Sorry, before that there was a slight error in the amount of beads to string, I somehow got it in my head that it was 40 FEET.  Sorry, please feel free to point out that there is a significant difference between 40 inches and 40 feet.  Or you can try to sell me a bridge or a sailboat.

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