She shouldn’t have told me!

She shouldn’t have told me. She knows I can’t keep secrets!!! I totally suck at keeping my mouth closed, and Mary KNOWS THAT! Why would she do that to me, the world’s second biggest blabbermouth, why would she EVER expect me to keep quiet?  I just can’t.

Close the door.  Be very quiet. I’ll tell you, just because I’m about to explode, but you can’t tell ANYBODY else! Do you hear?? Keep your  lips buttoned! SHHHHHH!!!!

OK. The Artful Bead is 5 years old on April 1st. And to celebrate, we’re having a very VERY special sale. SHHH!!! No squealing!!! You haven’t heard the best part! On Saturday, April 5th, all bright and early in the morning, we’re opening up at 8AM. Yep, practically in the dark.

And, for everyone who gets to the store before 9AM, we’re selling beads “on the wall” for… (deep breath) 35% off. THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT!!! Oops, I’m getting loud, sorry.  That’s 35% off of stones, pearls, seed beads, and czech glass – all those strands hanging on the walls.  All those strands in the case by the register.  And tubes of seed beads.  We’re going to stamp your hand, so you get the earlybird discount all day.  Just in case you are overcome by excitement and have to go have a little lie-down or nice cup of tea or something.

And that’s not all!  Everybody that comes between 9 and 10 will get 30 percent off that stuff.  And from 10 to 11, those sleep-all-day people still get 25%.  And from 11 till we close, if you Just Can’t Make It before, you’ll get 20% off strands on the wall and stones in the case.  And tubes of seed beads.

This sale is limited to in-stock items, it doesn’t apply to special orders. All sales will be final. We won’t be making any refunds during this sale, (so don’t even think of buying that wonderful strand early and then bringing it back on Sale Day so you can be sure of getting it at 35% off. (I already thought of it, and was told NO. you. will. NOT! and to stop it.  And I got glared at.))

So now that’s two of us that know.  Don’t tell anybody, and be sure to act surprised when we send out the email later to announce this Anniversary Spectacular Sale.  OK?  If you don’t act surprised, she’ll know I blabbed.

What??  Posted so EVERYBODY can read it??? Naaah… Nobody but you reads this, really. I’ve checked.

2 comments on “She shouldn’t have told me!

  • Lolly Chops says:

    8:00 am! EEEK!!! I’ll wear my special cave diving headlamp so I can find my way around the store. That won’t look weird will it? I busted out the calculator so I could do some estimates on exactly what 35% means. Calculatin’ is NOT my cup-o-tea. Wait.. did you say seed beads too? Gulp. Ok now I am officially over-the-top excited. I mean I was pretty excited before but SEED BEADS TOO! I thought preview night was exciting but saving money is like walking away from preview night with even more beads (is that possible)!?! Oh man..I am going to need more bead bins. Mental note: Send husband to buy bins. Will there be larger trays for the overly anxious and excited? Tell Mary and the bead team not to freak out if I have a calculator strapped to my wrist. hmmm…I might have to bead a super cool calculator strap for the special occasion (with matching earrings and a necklace of course).
    Do we get a squirrel stamp for getting there at 8:00 am? I mean 8:00 am on a Saturday warrants a truly special stamp. I am thinking squirrels are in order here no?
    I won’t tell a SOUL! I promise. 😉 Well maybe I might have to tell the Granbury ladies. I mean they are so quiet and gentle and soft-spoken they can keep a secret.. really.

  • We’re in the final few days before the Anniversary Spectacular! Are you in training? Practicing lifting strands and grabbing multiple tubes at one swoop?

    Squirrel stamp? Hm. I have no idea what kind of stamps she’s getting. Squirrel for 8AM arrivals, fish for 9, wombat for 10? (Ow. Brain hurts.)

    We’ll have Extra Large trays, and smelling salts, and water and maybe even a guy with a fan to cool fevered brows? And if it just gets to be Too Much, you can always go have a quick Mimosa and come back – that stamp gets you the discount all day long!

    Beaded calculator strap? Cool. Very Beady, Lolly.


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